Obus Forme Sound Therapy Relaxation System

Obus Forme Sound Therapy Relaxation System


Great sleep helper

This machine looks the same as Homedics one. However, it is $29.95 vs Homedics $19.95. The extra $10 is well worth it. It is better than Homedics one in two ways: (1) It still has a slight background noise at the extreme low volume. However, it is very light. It is much lighter than Homedics one....

you cheat me

I odered $32.95 white noise machine, you send me $19.99 junk

I can change, give you back, or refud because here is ASIA

This is not therapy thing but crazy thing, I will never do use your campany, this site

Obus Forme Sound Therapy Relaxation System

Obus Forme Sound Therapy Relaxation System

by ning

By Austin J. Harris (AR)
We got a sound machine for our baby when he was still in our room in the hopes that when we moved him to his room we could put it in there and the room would be familiar to him. The first one we got from a local store had all the same sounds as this one but it would turn off after an hour! I wanted him to have a constant sound all through the night as when he woke he would be able to go back to sleep. I searched through all the reviews and this one had that feature. Our son loves it and so do we! We don''t have to worry about being quite when he is sleeping because this blocks out most sound. We only use the white noise feature for now but maybe when he gets older we will use others. What we also like about this is that its small enough that you can travel with it. We are planning a trip soon and I look forward to being able to take as many of his things with us to make it feel like home.