Parents, Children Benefit From Lowrider Bikes  Health News For Families

Parents, Children Benefit From Lowrider Bikes Health News For Families

Parents, Children Benefit From Lowrider Bikes

In the never-ending search for a perfect exercise/recreation vehicle, parents often turn to such unique items as jogging strollers and low rider bikes, for the purpose of including youngsters in the daily activity. Why low rider bikes and jogging strollers?

Lets look at the needs of a parent who wants to take a young one along for the ride (or run). Some parents know that they will continue running as recreation and exercise even after they have children. In order to do this safely it is often necessary to find specialty equipment. A jogging stroller is certainly one method of including family members. Specially designed bikes that can accommodate small children are also on the priority list for many parents.

Necessity is the mother of invention. As marketing pros in this business know, young mothers needed a way to take their toddlers along when continuing a life-long habit of jogging for exercise and health. Putting on running clothes and those special shoes again after the birth of a child means a lot to young parents, but many of these folks dont have the option of leaving the child with someone, however safe that choice might be. Enter the jogging stroller and the low rider bikes that can be perfect for this situation. With this relatively new equipment, moms could reassert their independence, get away from home for a while and include the new baby in a healthy outdoor activity. (New fathers have taken to this method of exercise quite well, according to industry figures.) Even the dog can get into the act.

First of all, these strollers may be a bit more expensive than another type of infant/child stroller. Low rider bikes dont have to be so costly, because the parents of a new baby or toddler will not be looking for the custom-designed hot rod bike that many think of when low rider bikes are considered.

Trying to save money at this point is not a good idea. Solid construction and durability are key. For a stroller, plan to spend $300 to $500 dollars. The extra cost will be worth it in the long run. A quality low rider trike may cost $500 or more, but many of these include a love seat or rumble seat with safety belts (ideal for taking the youngsters along).

There is also a secondary/used market for strollers and specialty bikes. Garage sales, newspaper classifieds and Web trader sites are good places to buy these items without breaking the bank.

More resources about cycling vs running and cycling available here at this web.

Alison Addy is a journalist who writes newsletters for some magazines .Read more about cycling vs running at

Written by Andrew Caxton on January 16th, 2009 with

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