Rants and Raves: Who can you rely on, these days?

Rants and Raves: Who can you rely on, these days?

I haven''t posted in a while, mostly due to the fact that I felt bad about not having taken the pics for Part 2 of my makeover. The thought of getting dressed and undressed and dressed and undressed has just seemed too exhausting the past few weeks. Forgive me.

Today, I just needed to vent about something.

I had a lovely Christmas weekend (as I hope you did), and was feeling pretty good about the world on Sunday night as we headed home to Philly from Connecticut. The weekend had only been marred by one small problem: the girl I had asked to feed my cats on Christmas Eve (whom I used to work with at Target), had completely forgotten to do it.

After a frantic exchange of text messages on Christmas morning, she assured me she was going to stop by ASAP, and apologized profusely. I tried to be nice about it, though I was a bit irritated. I also felt guilty for not reminding her; we fed the cats right before we left at about 5 PM Friday, and wouldn''t be home till about 10 PM Sunday. In all the confusion, I forgot to text a reminder, so I tried to be sympathetic to her forgetting, too.

I didn''t want to be a pest on Christmas, so I didn''t text her again all day. That was a mistake. When we walked in the house at roughly 9:30, Brendan and I could tell immediately that something was wrong. The only catfood cans that were out were the ones from Friday, and nothing else had been moved. She had never come.

I texted her, basically asking what the fuck happened, and all she responded with was, "We got stuck at my boyfriend''s house longer than expected." No apology, no further explanation, nothing.

I almost threw the phone across the room.

I replied telling her how angry I was, asking how she could (over the course of 12 hours, no less) not even text me to let me know she wasn''t coming, and let my 6 cats go for 2 full days with no food. Adding to my fury was the fact that I happened to know where she was, and the house in question was about FOUR BLOCKS AWAY.

And you know what? She never responded. I waited a few hours, but she never made the slightest attempt to contact me again, not even to be defensive. She just completely blew me off.

I can''t even explain the hurt and anger that I feel that someone I thought of as a pretty close friend here in Philly would so completely and utterly let me down. I can''t believe that anyone, after being called out on forgetting something fairly important and promising to do it, would then just blow it off a second time. I can''t believe that anyone who had been left with 6 defenseless animals in their care, depending on them, would so totally not give a shit.

I have really been trying to let go of my expectations surrounding other people, since that has landed me in a world of hurt in the past (my birthday this year, as an example, was a real let-down). But this was something that I genuinely thought I could reasonably expect. And yet again, I am proved wrong.

I''m sorry to be such a downer today, the day after Christmas. I really am. But I am just... you know? I needed to get it out.

Thanks for being there, everyone.