Tubal Reversal - Questions You Should Ask

Tubal Reversal - Questions You Should Ask

Let''s suppose you have changed your mind about having you tubes tied. You want another child or you want relief from post tubal ligation syndrome. So you are looking at having a tubal reversal and have questions. You do have some questions, don''t you? If not, the questions below will let you know the kind of information you should be getting. Hopefully they will trigger even more questions. And we will provide resources at the very end to help you in your search for answers.

I''m not sure about you but with things the way they are these days, money always seems to be the first concern. The first questions usually start with how much does it cost to get a tubal reversal? Then you need to ask about what is included for the price. You will have to have lab work done, a records review and send in forms. Do these cost you extra? Do you even know the range of prices for this type of surgery? Some of these questions have to wait till you actually start reviewing doctors.

Once you get past the cost questions, you might want to know a bit about the surgery itself. Is it an outpatient procedure or in hospital that you will choose? How long does the surgery take? What is your recovery time till you can go back to work, and that includes the work of maintaining a home and family? What type of surgery do each of the doctors you review do? What are the success rates of this type of surgery?

Now we actually get to the doctor though some of the questions above must be asked of each doctor you review. You will want to get information about his/her training, education and experience. Just how many tubal reversals has your doctor done? Is this all he does? What else takes his attention? Does he follow up on your surgery? Can you find his specific success rates? In other words, will he let you know just how well he actually does?

And then there is his staff. Is there any way for you to "meet" the staff, office, nursing and surgical? Do you know the qualifications of all of them? What about the anesthesiologist''s training, education and experience? Or her staff''s background? Does the surgeon work with the same people all the time? How pleasant are any of them and how well do your questions get answered? Do they respond, does the doctor respond, to your questions in a timely manner?

Are you picking a tubal reversal center? Are tubal reversals the only thing done there or does the space provide other services as well meaning their focus is diluted? Can you tour the facility before hand?

What other extras are provided by the surgeon you are reviewing? Does he have a website that provides you with statistics about his practice? Is there some means by which you can contact other women who are having a reversal of tubal as well?

If you want to find the best resources to answer all the above questions and the new ones that have come to your mind, just check out the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center website. For a virtual tour of the Tubal Reversal Center, please view the video. View these tubal reversal videos for more answers to all your questions.

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