Would you like a web site that offered in depth calorie info for your own meals?

Would you like a web site that offered in depth calorie info for your own meals?

Would you like a web site that offered in depth calorie info for your own meals?

Imagine a website that not only offered personalized nutrition guidance and personalized exercise advice, but also offered calorie information for YOUR very own meals. Do you have a favorite meal that you just can’t live without? Did you ever wonder what that great creation you made costs in you calories? You could submit recipes of your own and purchase recipes of other individuals just like you. Individuals could post opinions about the recipes they have tried. Eat the foods you choose and love, stay within your calorie recommendation, and loose weight! You only pay for the services you use. Eat food that you know a real person eats. No more crazy ingredients that are hard to find. All of this on one site. On place to go to get all the info you need. Not what Sally or Joe needs. Your needs met; without all the extras to get in your way and confuse you. Is this a site you think you would like to visit? What more would you like on this site? Thank you very much for your time

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Sounds good to me. I would visit. I’ve been trying to eat healthier but couldn’t find any recepies.

That would be very helpful and encouraging if you really knew what you were eating. As far as ingredients that are easy to find that would be awesome because I hate waiting for something that I ordered over a week ago for a meal I wanted that day, ugh!

I would definitely use a more efficient and informing web site for health.

it’s sound really good. but it would all depend on how much it cost to use this site. it needs to be affordable for everyone to use.

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