leave my love of green smoothies alone….

leave my love of green smoothies alone….

I’ve stewed on it for a couple of weeks, but finally I un-followed the Mamamia health and fitness Facebook page. It was the last of the Mamamia pages I was following, mainly because the few brilliant articles and opinion pieces on Mamamia were drowned out by the righteous, judgmental undertones of most of their articles flooding my Facebook news-feed. I persevered with the health and fitness page however because I thought it would at least provide me with some inspiring tidbits from the active sisterhood. Instead it was mostly memes mocking health and fitness; avoiding exercise, drinking wine and being lazy (which are all fine and hilarious memes BTW, I’d just expect them from somewhere else)!

What tipped me over the edge was Mia Freedman with her “My green smoothie does not make me better than you”. I’m not going to turn this post into a Mamamia bashing, because frankly I don’t like bashing anyone, but I am going to stick up for myself and say a big fat screw you to everyone that tries to make me feel like crap, simply because I want to eat healthy food and nourish my body in the best way.

Let me first say, I’m not a Paleo advocate, nor a card carrying I Quit Sugar devote, these are diets and not something I wish to prescribe to on an ongoing basis. However eating a mainly plant based, ethically produced diet is not something to be slammed for. Why is it suddenly OK to make fun of someone who is proud of the healthy way they live their lives? For years we’ve been told not to judge overweight people, but by all means go to town on people who choose to be healthy and fit.

I’m thrilled that because of my diet I won’t be contributing to the 30% of cancers that can be prevented by choosing healthier lifestyles. I also won’t be getting type 2 diabetes or heart disease anytime soon.

I won’t be burdening the health system with my health choices, which is under increasing strain from the rising number of chronic diseases brought on by eating crap food and not moving enough, but hey clearly I’m the one getting it wrong, deluded insufferable fool!

I like knowing what goes into my food, I like making my own milk and crackers and bread, I enjoy being inspired by people who eat well and move their bodies. I’m under no illusions who I do it for, of course I do it for myself, because I want to be the best version of me I can be! And yes I also eat treats, chocolate, go out for dinner, have a wine, but I prefer not to have too much of them, and I’m healthy and happier for it. From now on I’ll stick to health and well-being sites like MoveNourishBelieve for my inspiration; a place where I won’t get mocked for choosing to bypass McDonald’s.

Mia Freedman and your cronies – just leave me and my green smoothies alone, I’m not hurting anyone….