"These are the latest messages received by George Green"....April, 2008

(leaflet included with DVD, [text] are my personal notes, a two-page excerpt from the fourth of the "paradigm books" titled "Messages for the Ground Crew")

In the days to be experienced by humanity as the time winds down, it is necessary that those of you, who are now in the "know" so to speak, begin to focus on what might be called "holding the pole" [holding the fort]. As the chaos increases, it is important that there be those, who can keep their focus and balance as the melt down begins in earnest. Though it appears that all is lost, it is the steadfastness of the few that will determine just how much chaos and suffering will be experienced. While it seems that there is little use in doing this, I can assure you it is critical that those who can do this. Inasmuch as there are now many of you who know what is happening and also understand that the extent of the chaos will reach extreme proportions as the general population in this country [the USA] finally get the picture. It is imperative that this service be rendered.

Exactly what does this mean? It means that these people must hold a vision of a connection to the Creator''s plan. It is not necessary that they know the plan or a firm and absolute knowingness that such a plan does exist and I assure you that it does! No matter how difficult the circumstance, the plan of the Creator will come into being. It will probably not happen in ways that were previously conceived by those working on it through these many generations, but it positively will happen!

While time in the third dimension continues to pass day by day, in dimensions where there is not time, only clarity of experience, it is difficult for those on each side of these diametrically different views to communicate. Each tries to estimate the possibilities the other is considering and experiencing. This middies the picture on both sides. The greater problem is the fact that those who oppose the Creator''s plan are extremely well organized on the time oriented side while the organization for the Creator''s plan is on the other side of the "time line". Meanwhile, the masses of humanity are lacking any organization, are currently mesmerized and in declining mental and physical condition. To say the least, this creates what appears to be a lopsided [one-sided weight] picture. The balancing feature is in the fact that humanity is both consciously and unconsciously asking for help. The help that is available does not appear in a tangible way that humanity as a whole can recognize and yet it definitely is present and available.

Humanity wants to know the exact time they will be rescued, which is an impossible dream. Many estimates have been supposedly received through psychic receivers, more by personal desire than by actual "heavenly estimates". In this reality [third dimension / physical], it is a matter of sequential events that must take place, rather like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that first must fit before certain other events can take place. Frustratingly for those focused on this situation from the no time side, many of those jigsaw pieces must be put in place by those humans who are now more handicapped than ever, thus slowing the time element more and more.

Thus the message of encouragement to those who are aware and capable of understanding the nature of their assignment is to "hold the pole". They must know that there is a plan and they are very much a decisive part of that plan, even though their part appears to be doing [changing] nothing. In fact, it is important that they appear to be doing nothing so as not to draw undue attention to themselves.

Those who are actively on the forefront know and understand their rolls [roles?]. It is those who are to quietly do their part that need the most encouragement. It is important that each focus [person] know their task and ask for guidance, provision and protection daily. The importance of each of these individual contributions to the Creator''s plan cannot be over-emphasized. Though this sounds like the easiest of assignments, in the times yet to be experienced, it will not be simple or easy to remain calm, to observe and allow the actions and reactions to surround one and not lose control! To remain devoted with no recognition in a society that thrives on attention and quick gratification will be [a] stretch for many who truly desire to serve in some capacity in the days to come. As humanity asks for help, it must also respond to the help that is offered to it, no matter how simple or ineffectual the requested response may seem to them. This is what is required in order that more help may be brought to bear on their behalf. It is a simple plan of a request, a response, a further request, another response, and so forth.

Always remember, subtle energy is powerful and powerful energy is subtle. It could also be called a "grass-roots movement". Use it!


The Creation

(second and last included leaflet, also posted as an article on George Green''s homepage www.nohoax.com)

We are pleased to bring understanding and clarification on what is the "Creation". This is a challenge, because your language of communication has not the "words" for describing this conception of "Creation". So as not to put any more limitation, please close your eyes, call forth the "great spirit" of the one residing within you. "Listen" and continue reading with the Divine Presence within.

Now imagine a great circle of infinity, with no ending and no beginning in front of you. This will "represent" "The Creation". Now imagine that this circle is a great movie film without ending and without beginning, but moving ever creatively on, constantly unfolding the unlimited potential of the creative "will". What we will do now is "pause" a frame in the sequence of this ongoing "film" of no-time and no-space, no-ending and no-beginning.

The "Creation" represents fulfilled and yet unfulfilled Creative Potential. "Creation" is the totality of all that is; which in your human perspective is All that has been and all that is to be. Now keep in mind, the Laws of Balance [if you put out bad for somebody else, so will you], of Intent [thought made manifest if filled with intent, any intent], Attraction [like attracts like] and Allowance [freewill] are the same Universal Laws of Order and Logic.

So then how is the Creative Potential realized and fulfilled? Through the Great Spiritually Perfected Being, which brings the Potential of that which represents "The Creation" into coalescence of matter, such as planets, stars, animals, plants and minerals. Now you have one Great Spiritually Perfected Being, which is the Mind Intelligence of your Galaxy of which we call the father / mother Creator (The Thought of Creation made manifest). The reason that we are one with Creation is that this "thought" has fragmented itself, this Great Spirit, to allow his unfolding creative Potential unlimited varieties of experience. Thus each human, each Angel, each being, which is created and fragmented of the creation, is a unique creative-potential filled reflection or aspect of the great Mind Intelligence (The Thought of Creation).

So, we have "The Creation", which represents the Great Sacred Circle of Infinity, without end or beginning, which holds the fulfilled and unfulfilled Creative Potential of the Totality of all that is.

Then we have the Mind Intelligence, "the thought" of Creation, and since we are a part of the "Creation", hence the truth ... WE ARE ALL ONE.

You see, since most of you (especially those of you who have believed various human doctrines in your "religious" institutions) have been programmed to be dependent and not take responsibility and since you have been programmed that somehow you are separate from your "Creator", learning to take personal responsibility seems "unnatural" and "frightening" to you. Why? Well, when you recognize the truth that YOU have created ALL within this manifested "illusion", it can be a bit over-whelming to your consciousness to realize that you have also contributed to the DIS-ease upon your plane and yourselves. There is NO ONE else to blame anymore.

Personal responsibility means taking action to balance the unbalance, to bring love where there is hatred, to bring harmony where there is disorder and to bring peace where there is war. Each one of you will open your own door to the Spiritual Power of Love within you WHEN you start taking responsibility for all deeds. Each one who harmonized and balances within brings the "Light" of Balance and Harmony to the "pool" of mass consciousness so that it, eventually, will no longer be the cesspool of darkness and despair which it is now. Please recognize that you each represent within you the "mind intelligence" for UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL. There is much joy to be a part of this Potential. Let go of illusions of separation from Creation and attachment to the "physical" and "emotional" aspects of this "Limited Plane". Be responsible for chat is your job to the clean up before you and SPREAD THE WORD OF TRUTH.

Your journey must be for the highest and best good for all of mankind.

Chapter I

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