Tips For Car Maintenance

Tips For Car Maintenance

In this page we have tried to simplify some tips about the basic idea for car maintenance. This tip is applicable to every car owner pretty much- from specialists in a limo service center to a business fleet owner to for the people who has a hobby of doing this kind of service at weekends. Primary car maintenance is not really hard that much. Very simple things they are that you can apply on your own, such as to protect your car from rusting you can apply a silicon lubricant. We have divided the topic into some parts.
Tires and wires- carefully rotate the tires. Every 5000 km you should rotate the tire. If 5000 is not possible then at least rotate it in 8000 km.

Regularly clean off the brake dust- all sorts of nasty stuffs are carried by brake dust. If you spare it for too long a time the pretty dirty combination of heat, moisture and grim of road from the brakes will spoil it on to the wheels. If needed, you can hire a mobile auto electrician. Brake dust usually clings to the wheels with electricity. And this electricity is static in character. You should not take it easy. So take a bucket of cold clean water and a damp sponge to clean it off.

Engine – check the belts- at the front of the car engine there is a series of drive belts made of rubber, it pulls around various pulleys. And it drives everything to the a/c compressor from the alternator. Check the accessory drive belt and timing belt in every 25000 miles. You can consult with your hired mobile auto electrician about engine.

Check pressures of the tires- never forget to check the pressure of the tire. Do it regularly and properly- once a week is must. If your tires are old and getting worse then it will produce such pressure that will affect the handling fuel economy and comfort level will be decreased as well. Checking the pressure is not a very hard thing. It is quite easy to check the pressure.

Check the depth of tread- slick and bald tires can be good for motor racing but they are not so good on normal road. Nowadays, numbers of tires are made up with tread wire bars that are built inside of them. Find a tire, then examine it properly and if it is too slow then change it immediately. Yes all new four tires are quite expensive but think about a severe accident.

Oil level checking- it is easy and quick. Anyone can do it. It will tell you if car needs oil or how much does it need. First, park the car on a level ground, wait until the engine gets cool down and then check the tire.