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How much chemotherapy does an obese woman need.

Posted by admin on Mar 2, 2010 in cancer, health

How much chemotherapy does an obese woman need? Typically an obese woman with breast cancer would receive reduced doses of chemotherapy as they battle breast cancer.

As early as June 2005, in the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study that obese women should receive chemotherapy in women''s real, rather than as it reduced the amount of standard practice.

Now, the claim reconsidered Lancet 2005 Mon 8 version of the receptor for the hormone estrogen is a doctor, do not reduce chemotherapy doses for obese women have been found in breast cancer cells Please announced. Called estrogen receptor-negative cancers of this type.

Clinicians often reduce chemotherapy doses for obese patients because of worries about how the treatment may react with the patient and affect their overall health.

According to director Mark studys Colleoni of the European Institute of Oncology, Italy, and colleagues, reducing the first cycle of chemotherapy for obese patients with estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer proved harmful.

Colleoni and his team looked at the relationship between body mass index (BMI), chemotherapy dose reduction, estrogen receptor expression, and the results for premenopausal women with breast cancer by analyzing data from four randomized trials.

They found that 97 out of 249 obese patients received less than 85 f protocol specified dose during the first course of chemotherapy compared with patients with normal and intermediate BMI.

Obesity in patients with estrogen receptor-negative disease, No. 85 R received the first protocol specified dose had significantly increased disease-free survival and who is not less than those receiving the recommended dose is usually 85 F overall survival.

But those who had reduced doses of chemotherapy did not have a significant difference to the results of breast cancer compared to people with obesity of estrogen receptor-positive patients are treated with chemotherapy is recommended.

And contrary to the practice of the people, the researchers also found that obese patients the initial treatment of high-dose chemotherapy protocols no one more than patients receiving dose-reduced toxicity.

Dr Marco Colleoni concluded that, ?Our findings suggest that for women with ER-absent or ER-low tumours, reduction in chemotherapy dose should be avoided.?

The message for obese women dealing with cancer is to be aware of your rights and risks. Ask your doctor will recommend lower doses of chemotherapy for you on your weight and ask why.

Resource: Lancet, Archives of Internal Medicine

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How much chemotherapy does an obese woman need.

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