Cool look at this

Cool look at this

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Ab Roller By Rite Life® - Get the Same Great Abdominal Workout You Get At the Gym
Feature: ... Target your abs while eliminating back and neck strain; Easy to assemble and store; Work your upper and lower abs and obliques; As Seen On TV; 30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee ...more
Customer Reviews — [1] Rating: 4 Date: 2006-11-05 Summary: Quick delivery minor problem ... The seller of this product made a quick delivery. However, when putting the product together one of the holddown brackets broke because it was make out of plastic. Product still able to maintain its purpose, and is used often. Thanks for th4 product. ...more
[2] Rating: 4 Date: 2006-09-11 Summary: Not bad ... This is a good product it works well, easy to use. Im just lazy.LOL ...more
Editorial Reviews — ... Product Description Get that ab crunching workout you have always wanted without straining your back or neck. Unique rocking design lets Ab Roller target your abdominals to build sexy abs fast, while it supports your neck and back. A great machine for those just starting their abdominal workout routine, the Ab Roller is easy to assemble, easy to use and completely safe....more

Lateral Thigh Trainer
Feature: ... Bi-directional, skating-like motion; Low impact workout; Anti-slip pedals and quality steel base; Compact design ...more
Customer Reviews — [1] Rating: 5 Date: 2006-12-26 Summary: Quit crying! ... I own this machine and it works fine for me. Okay people its pain no gain. And maybe you people are just too fat and thats why it''s breaking down on you. You guys sound ridiculous, "Oh my gosh exercise hurts me!" Give me a break. I highly recommend this item. ...more
[2] Rating: 4 Date: 2006-08-02 Summary: try it yourself, many of these reviews may be misleading to you ... i''ve read most of these reviews and i''d like to bring up 2 main issues First off. The squeeking. This is from the wheel and the chain, you can''t stop this, and dispite all the complaints about the squeeks annoyance. You will get it with any piece of equipment that moves. I have a strider already, which i had to remove for space, after using it for 5 mins, it squeeked...LOUD... I also have a rower at my fathers house, again it squeeks LOUD... The squeek this thing makes pales in comparison second issue, the "knee pain" ...more
Editorial Reviews — ... Product Description Unlike ordinary steppers, the Lateral Thigh Trainer moves in a bi-directional, skating-like motion. Move your legs in, out, up, and down, all at the same time. No matter your size or fitness level, you can burn fat and tone your muscles with this system. The trainer provides a smooth and easy ride, with low impact. Its large anti-slip pedals and a health club quality steel base are built to last. The quiet compact design makes it easy to use anywhere. Made in USA....more

Bun and Thigh Max - The Effective Way to Firmer, Sexier Buns
Feature: ... The effective way to firmer, sexier buns!; A practical way to exercise your inner and outer thigh, quadriceps, calves, buttocks, and hamstrings, The Bun & Thigh Max package also offers many other helpful tips to getting in shape & tips on how to live a healthier life!; Perform a number of exercises with one machine, You''ll get the buns you always wanted!; As Seen On TV; 30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee ...more
Editorial Reviews — ... Product Description The effective way to firmer, sexier buns! You''ve seen the infomercial hosted by Kathy Derry and Leesa Severyn, now you can get the results you''ve been looking for! The unique cutting edge design of the Bun and Thigh Max combines with advanced technology for a practical way to exercise your inner and outer thighs, quadriceps, calves, buttocks, and hamstrings. Perform a number of exercises with one machine. You''ll get the buns you always wanted! The Bun and Thigh Max package also offers...more