Interior and Health » 2008 » September

Interior and Health » 2008 » September

Posted by Merie Kent on Sep 26 2008

If you are on a tight budget and you want to decorate for the Christmas holiday you can still spruce up the home and make it look quite festive. Bows are one of the best things you can use to decorate and make it look like Christmas and they are super cheap.

It is best to get your favorite fabric at a fabric store. Some fabrics look nicer than others when it comes to bows for the holiday. You can purchase really cheap velvet and satin fabric for your bows. Red and green are the best colors because they are the traditional colors of Christmas. You will cut the fabric in strands of about a foot or two feet long. This usually depends on how big or small you want the bows to be.

Artificial Christmas trees look great when you decorate them with bows. You can use a simple strand of white lights and red and green bows. Bows can entirely replace the annoying bulbs that you hang on the tree. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hooks and broken glass from glass bulbs. Be sure to evenly tie the bows around the tree. Don’t put all red on one side and all green on the other. Artificial Christmas trees look best when the colors are spread evenly throughout the tree. It is amazing how neat the tree looks with just a bunch of bows. When the holiday is over all you have to do is pull the bows off and fold up the artificial Christmas tree.

Bows are also excellent to use around the home for Christmas. You can tie them on door handles throughout the house. It is a great way to make your houseplants look festive also. You can tie a simple bow around the container the plant is in or around the branches of your indoor trees. Some people like to strand indoor lights around their indoor trees too.

Bows also look excellent outdoors too. If you have trees outside in the front yard you want to decorate it is super simple with bows and it won’t cost you much money at all. Be sure that if you do begin decorating outside you finish the job though. You never want a half decorated yard and you also don’t want to have it look funny. This is why bows are the best. You can put an oversized bow on the front door, bows on the garage door, and bows on the outside trees. This looks fabulous.

Decorating for Christmas can be extremely expensive. If you are already on a tight budget for the holidays and you need a cheap way to make your home look festive, use bows. The home can look wonderful with bows. They are simple and fabric is cheap. If you choose to buy a more expensive fabric you can save the bows for next year and continue to use them every year. Bows look amazing around the houseplants, on the doors, and all over the Christmas tree.

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