Tips for Dealing with Thinning Hair - Health Adjacent

Tips for Dealing with Thinning Hair - Health Adjacent

It''s possible to live well with a chronic illness...all you need is a little strategy and a sense of humor.

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Tips for Dealing with Thinning Hair

As Ive mentioned before, I am losing my hair. The docs havent decided why yet, but I am continuing to see more and more of it head down the drain...or land on the floor, or cover my pillow, etc, etc, etc... And, as Ive also said before, I am not going to get lost in the drama of what is happening. I am determined to keep a positive attitude about it. SO, Ive created a second video full of more tips for dealing with thinning hair. Im going to embed the video below, but dont forget to check out the Health Adjacent YouTube channel for more hair-raising beauty tips (I know, that was awful, but I just couldnt help myself).

Laughter as brain injury medicine ... what did I ask for?

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