How To Give A Massage

How To Give A Massage

Is someone you know feeling stressed? Do you want to know how to give a massage? Giving a stress relief massage can be just what they need to get back on track.

Ah, The perfect, free gift!

Things You''ll Need To Give A Massage:

Essential Oils

Chamomile, Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender Lemongrass, Marjoram, Neroli Orange Petitgrain, Sandalwood (remember, though, that sandalwood is very expensive right now and there are real concerns about how it is harvested...)

* A carrier oil. I prefer Spectrum Natural''s sesame oil, but any neutral vegetable oil can work.

When learning how to give a massage, you should remember that you are just giving a stress relief massage and you are giving the gift of touch, which is healing in itself. Don''t try to be a professional massage therapist. You are good enough as you are, giving a great, free gift of touch to a friend.

Here are some steps to take when learning how to give a massage:

First, don''t go overboard with the scents. They are highly individualized. If you do not know what your stressed-out friend might want, either don''t use anything or use only lavender.

Choose your essential oils. Add up to 25 drops and fill to 50 ml (1/4 cup) with your carrier oil. I like Spectrum Natural''s sesame oil because it is easy to find in the natural foods section of the grocery store, but for this massage, you can even use olive oil from your cupboard! Other ideas for oils are coconut oil, cocoa butter, or sweet almond oil.

Give Your Friend The Gift Of A Well Planned Massage


where you will give the massage, how long it will last, whether it will be full body, back, feet (reflexology) or head and neck. Make certain that the room is comfortable, not too cold and not too warm, and that you have your oil and warm towels or sheets for your stressed out friend if they get cold.

This step is all about remembering to remember everything you will need so your friend can just relax!

More preparation: If your friend is going to take his or her clothes off, allow them space to do this comfortably, and give them a towel or sheet to wrap around their body. If they are going to keep their clothes on, be very very careful about oil! You don''t want to add stress to his or her life by ruining gorgeous clothes! Have your friend wear an old tee shirt, or wrap the neck line with a towel...and be careful! You can always opt for no oil if this is going to add stress!

Once your friend is seated or lying down comfortably, add about a teaspoon of oil to your hands and rub until they are warm. Start at the top and work down, using gentle, superficial movements which will induce relaxation. The flow of your movements should not be broken. The point of your massage is to reduce stress, but as you are not a massage therapist, just remember that any gentle, loving touch can be therapeutic. Concentrate on staying relaxed and calm yourself. This is more important than hitting all the right spots or going in the right direction.

The head has many acupressure points, and a head and neck massage can be extremely relaxing.

You''re almost''ve almost learned how to give a massage!

Continue with your massage, moving from top to bottom, and ending with the limbs. Always keep at least one hand on your friend, and just keep your movements clam and gentle. When you end, remind your friend that he or she can stay where she is and even fall asleep. Leave the room quietly and make sure to add an extra blanket if wanted.

For a list of massage therapy supplies,click here.

Easy Options:

The head has many acupressure points, and a head/neck massage can be very relaxing without much preparation.

A foot massage is also an excellent place for a quick and easy massage. There are so many acupressure points in the feet that you almost can''t miss!

If you do a full body massage, end with the limbs and go up and toward the heart, starting with the fingers and toes, warming your friend as you bring energy to her heart.

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